A Younger Theatre has a new website which can be found at www.ayoungertheatre.com – this blog will no longer be updated!

The intention of this blog is based upon the response that currently most of the reports, reviews, and critical responses from and relating to theatre comes from older generations of theatre goers and workers. Whilst we can appreciate the depth of knowledge that these people can bring into the insight of theatre, sometimes we feel that there is a lack of response from the younger critiques of the theatre world.

And thus… A Younger Theatre was formed.

We aim to be a response to theatre, to give a younger perspective upon events, shows, and concepts. We don’t proclaim to be anything other than a younger generation with a passion for one thing: Theatre [and the arts].

If you get anything from these ramblings, these notes, thoughts and reviews – it is that no one is ever right or wrong in their opinions upon theatre… but there is always more than one way of looking at things. From older, to younger, there are always more ways of engaging in theatre.


Who is behind A Younger Theatre?

At the present moment A Younger Theatre is maintained by Jake. A young theatre goer and maker who thrives off the ability to both watch and create theatre. He will be the first to admit that at times he is naive towards theatre, lacking the indepth knowledge that current critics have upon the medium. Yet without any doubt he is passionate, a person who lives, breathes and survives off this notion of an audience paying to sit and watch something before their eyes. Essentially to watch the magic of the theatre unfold.

He is a recent graduate from Rose Bruford College having studied on the European Theatre Arts Course. Whilst he has specialised in the knowledge of European Theatre, he still has a wide knowledge and appreciation for all forms of theatre.

How to contact Jake:

Feel free to leave a comment on any of the articles published here.

If that doesn’t satisify your needs to engage with Jake, you may also email him at jakeyo[at]gmail.com

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  1. Brendan Murray says:

    This looks great. Good for you!

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